Economics of Health Insurance


The course covers the economics of health care taking a microeconomic perspective. The course focusses on the market for health insurance and its imperfections that originate from the specific characteristics of health as a commodity and result in market failure and hence undesirable market outcomes such as adverse selection, moral hazard, and risk selection. Based on the theoretical analysis implications for the question of how to design a health (insurance) system are derived.

Target Group

This course is part of the Spezialisation Area Health Economics of the MSE. Students in the Master programs Arbeitsmarkt&Personal, Sozialökonomik and Management can take the course as an elective module or choose the aequivalent German course Gesundheitsökonomie I.


The course is taught every summer term. Dates for summer term 2017 are:

  • Lecture (Dr. Silja Lenz): Thursday 11.30 -13.00 room FG 1.036.
  • Exercise Class (Simon Reif): 20th June (FG 1.036), 21st June (FG 1.036), 22nd June (FG 2.016), 3rd July (FG 1.036), 4th July (FG 1.036), 5h July (FG 1.036), 6th July (FG 1.036) always 18.30-20.00.


Syllabus Exercise Class